Examine This Report on big boss vote telugu

she is not sportive at all. If someone says she is weak. she starts crying. she is not elible to stay in bigboss property.

Tejashwini elmimate cheyandi beacuse oka team la cheskuntundi valla tho na kallasi undalli anukuntundi vallani Secure cheyalli ani chustundi

Tejaswini,tanish,babu gogineni Ni you should remove cheyyandi bigg boss make sure you valla valla clearly show antha padipothundi..

Major boss season 2 is working productively as a consequence of Teju,sami,Tanish, or else We're going to miss out on the pleasurable section and interest…think from youth viewpoint not to mention it’s a clearly show so don’t Assume excessive men get and rest as a result of Tv set to make our minds peaceful of of our realities tension.

There really should be merely a winner in almost any truth present and its same with our Bigg boss Telugu. You will discover 16 contestants (This can be the real range, they may be removed later) until now and producers are about to incorporate two more and more people for the Bigg Boss Telugu Dwelling beneath “wildcard entry” option.

Candidates once entered your home will have no contacts With all the outer planet. That's the event the candidates won't be allowed to use mobile phone, newspaper, look at and so forth.

Make sure you don’t enjoy. Bcoz they may have dot completed nearly anything like kireeti did so that you halt watching observing bigg boss.

she is the one 1 cunning in property. hari teja nowadays nominated archana for no motive. my vote to save lots of archana and siva balaji. and do away with karthika.(Between to get excellent TRP you in no way have to have karthika).

Hello there significant boss… Definitely in case you wanna Increase the exhibit… please say tejaswi and sunaina to stop staying so possessive and hooked up to samrat and Tanisha constantly.

Meeru votes ni baita cheppinchandi lekapothe maku ela telusthundhi plz remove teju she spoke vulgarly

Kaushal ne big boss house lo conserve cheyandi thana inka set kaledu final months garigina predicaments We're going to give another possibility please preserve kashul garu

రమ్యకృష్ణ అత్తగా… నాగ చెతన్య అల్లుడిగా నటించిన “శైలాజా రెడ్డి అల్లుడు” సినిమా ట్రైలర్

Nandhini may be the seventh contestant who receives eliminated from Nani‘s present. The click here result was envisioned because of the folks and after Nandini came outside of your house, she was allowed to speak to a few contestants and she selected Geetha Madhuri, Deepthi and Tanish.

అదే అంతరిక్షం నుంచి సూర్యోదయం సూర్యఅస్తమయం చూస్తే అది మరింత అద్భుతంగా ఉంటుంది. సూర్యోదయాన...

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